Millions are homeless across the world.

In Australia 1.1 million adults have experienced homeless over the last 10 years (ABS 2012). The top university in Australia – RMIT – did a study that showed up to 49% of the homeless population have slept on the streets. That’s over 539,000 Australians. The problem – what to do when 1000’s of homeless are turned away from shelters empty handed tonight?

With no solution to this problem in sight and politicians still passing the buck, what can we do to help?

Challenge Accepted

Founders Tony Clark and his wife Lisa invented the Backpack Bed to save the lives of homeless people turned away from shelters. Imagine for a minute that disaster strikes in your life and you are homeless. You need shelter and something to carry your belongings. It’s getting dark and cold so you try to find a bed in the city’s homeless shelters but there is no room. This is the harsh reality that the Backpack Bed was designed for; it rolls out into an all weather protected bed and provides a comfortable place to sleep.

Become part of the solution

Public Support

We are funded 100% by the public – so your support really counts!

There are many ways you can help us achieve our mission of providing one life saving Backpack Bed to every homeless person turned away from shelter tonight. You could make a tax deductible donation of $95 to cover the cost of a Backpack Bed or hold a fundraiser to get everyone your know involved in helping homeless.The Backpack Bed program is a concept that everyone understands – homeless are in every community. 

  • Donate a Backpack Bed to a homeless person
  • Hold a fundraiser for Backpack Bed for Homeless
  • Donate Cash

We get the Backpack Beds made for the homeless

While the Backpack Bed was designed in Australia, we get them produced overseas to keep the costs down and help more people.

Just because we get our products made offshore, it does not mean we don’t show the same level and respect to those workers – we went to great pains to find a manufacturer that held certification to protect workers rights and dignity. The United Nations agrees and uses the same factory to make their goods. Once manufactured under strict quality controls, the Backpack Bed are shipped to us ready to be distrubuted.

  • United Nations endorsed working conditions
  • Strict quality control

We distribute lifesaving Backpack Beds to our Welfare Agency Partners

We work with Homeless Agency Partners on the front line.

Crisis accommodation, outreach workers, primary health providers, mental health facilities, emergency relief providers, counseling services that all provide services to street sleeping homeless people. We partner with over 450 welfare agencies across Australia. Plus we have also been working with local agencies in New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, south Africa, Canada, Spain and Germany to assist street sleeping homeless people without shelter.

  • 550+ partners in Australia alone
  • International partners in New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, South Africa, Spain and Canada.

Become a Welfare Agency Partner

Identify homeless people in need

Social workers within our Welfare Agency Partners identify homeless people who are sleeping on the streets.

It is always the first option to try to find homeless people shelter, but when none can be found a life saving Backpack Bed is given. Demand for the life saving Backpack Bed currently outstrips our funding – we can only do so much with the money we have. The more donations we receive, the more people we help.

  • People turned away from overcrowded shelters are given a Backpack Bed

Our Welfare Agency Partners collect vital statistics, stories and try to follow up with every person

Each time one of our Welfare Agency Partners gives a homeless person a Backpack Bed, the social worker fills out a survery with them, documents some of their stories or experiences and of course they try to follow up with each individual as part of their service provision. The results of the surveys collected by our partners are collated into quarterly research results that we make avaliable to help maintain an accurate picture of homelessness in Australia.

  • Conduct surveys
  • Collect stories
  • Follow up

Be part of the solution!

Because the best part is we get to hear back about the life changing impact we all have…

Thats You, Us and our Partners.

Homeless Backpack Bed Thank You notes