Study proven interim crisis bedding for homeless without shelter

The most awarded single person ultra light weight camping tent in the world – which is also a Backpack.

  • Dignity tested
  • Ultra-light approx 2.9kg (6.4lb)
  • Waterproof
  • Fire retardant
  • Mildew resistent

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Homeless Backpack Bed – All weather conditions

Backpack Bed All Weather $95

Shipped 4 units / box to welfare agencies


$95 / Backpack Bed + shipping, tracking and insurance


$110 / Backpack Bed including shipping, tracking and insurance

(mainland USA – excludes Hawaii and Alaska)


  • Additional loose breathable mesh protection. Improves health + comfort
  • Silver foil Emergency Blanket which can save a life in cold conditions


As a shelter:

  • Built-in 190cm (6ft 3″) custom made insulated fire retardant mattress
  • Waterproof fabric + tape sealed seams + water resistant zip
  • Windproof fabric
  • Fire retardant custom made fabric
  • Mildew resistant
  • 3 x mosquito mesh vents (head + foot + chest)
  • Convert into a sun shelter using built-in ropes


As an ergonomic backpack:

  • Portability with dignity – looks like a Backpack but converts to a bed
  • With built-in storage pockets – store 20kg (44lb) inside
  • Keep shoes and belongings in the empty Backpack while sleeping
  • Lockable internal pocket (with supplied key lock)
  • Approx. 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) net weight (inc. fire retardant mattress)


All Weather conditions:

  • Suitable for all weather conditions – from tropical to winter cold
  •  Built-in tie rope to keep mesh elevated off the body
  •  Durable tear resistant mesh
  •  Bright easy see corner loops allow for optional tent pegs (not provided)
  •  Super FULL size body protection to fit over entire Backpack Bed™ 2700mm long x 1150mm wide x 900mm high
  • Approx. 3.2 kg (7.9 lb) net weight (inc. fire retardant mattress)


Polar Fleece Sleeping Bags


Polar Fleece Sleeping Bag (Fire Retardant)
$20+ shipping, tracking and insurance

Designed to be used inside Backpack Beds.



Emergency Blanket


Sliver Emergency Blanket (space blanket)
210cm x 160cm  /  82.6″ x 63″


Previous Models

Backpack Bed Original Model

End of Life

Backpack Bed Tropical Model

End of Life

 These models have been replaced by the Backpack Bed All Weather.

Litetrex® fabric

The 600D oxford weave Litetrex fabric provides the perfect balance of light weight, yet rugged toughness that makes the Backpack Bed a world class award winning outdoor bedding solution. Why is it better than canvas?


Waterproof up to 4000+ mmH2O – thats against pressure of approximately 4 metres of water. Main seams are tape sealed to prevent leakage through needle holes. When you use a Backpack Bed, it’s ready to go straight out of the box. Unlike canvas swags that require additional waterproofing and waiting for the canvas to shrink around the needle holes – what a drag!

Environmentally friendly

The Litetrex fabric and camp mat are made of environmentally friendly materials with no heavy metal or dangerous chemicals. Learn More

Fire retardant

The Litetrex Fabric and built-in camp mat are fire retardant and meet 2 international standards in fire safety. Whether its against a campfire or to protect against someone firebombing a homeless person, the Backpack Bed will provide some protection.

Quick drying

Ultra fast drying material and mildew resistant, so even if you have to pack it away wet there is no need to worry.


Provides exceptional protection against the winter chills.

Industrial strength

The base fabric used in the Backpack Bed is industrial strength, yet light weight. It is ready for rugged outdoor living, providing protection against the elements. The mosquito netting provides protection against the pests as well as being cut and tear resistant.

Double stitching

We have used double stitching to provides extra strength where it is most needed.

Non-rusting fittings

All fittings are rust proof to ensure the Backpack Bed provides years of outdoor service.

Heavy duty no. 10 & no. 8 zips

To cope with long term outdoor use we have used heavy duty No.10 and No. 8 zips and provided water resistant zips around windows.

Reinforced clips

Backpack straps are supported by reinforced heavy duty side clips.



It was the desire to provide unparrallelled comfort and protection to street sleeping homeless that drove the design of the Backpack Bed. Five international design awards is a testament to the achievement of that goal.

Built-in fire retardant camp mat

The ultra long built-in camp mat has ASI backing (Advanced Silver Insulation) to protect against heat loss into the ground below. The camp mat is made of a unique custom formula that is mildew resistant and environmentally friendly; meeting strict European standards, with no heavy metals or dangerous chemicals.

Mosquito netting

Sleep in comfort knowing that the little biteys wont get you. The windows have fine mosquito mesh, as well as behind the head protection.

Adjustable padded backpack straps

Backpack straps are ergonomically designed, padded for extra comfort and adjustable with heavy duty reinforced side clips.

Easy assembly & disassembly

Conditions can change rapidly when sleeping outdoors so was important that the Backpack Bed was easy to put up and just as quick to take down and pack away.

3 built-in ropes

Ropes can be used to tie the Backpack Bed shelter to trees, poles or other structures. Each rope is connected to the bed and stored in an individual velcro sealed pocket.

Peg loops on all corners

Peg loops allow you to anchor the Backpack Bed to the ground (note: pegs not included with homeless models).

Outdoor shelter feature

You can use the Backpack Bed as a shelter from wind or sun by creating an exposed shelter with ropes tied to high positions on poles or trees.