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Donations over $2 are tax deductible

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DONATION – 1,000 Self Inflating Pillows

NEW – Become a Champion for Comfort


NEW – Become a Champion for Comfort

We want to start providing a ‘Self Inflating Pillow’ (41 x 28cm) with each of our Backpack Beds.
We have an exciting opportunity to do a bulk buy of these incredibly thermal ‘Self-inflating Pillows’ and then include them in every Backpack Bed. 
The catch is – we need 4000.

BE one of four champions – to each donate 1,000 Self-inflating Pillows ($4100 each).

Why do we want to do this?
People always ask – why don’t we add this, and that, and that, and that.  The simple answer is – we don’t have the money to add every great idea.

Rest assured each Backpack Bed already includes a full body mattress, single person mosquito mesh (for hot nights) and a silver foil emergency blanket.

Bulk donation 1,000 pieces ($4.10 / unit)

All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

NOTE: This is not a shipped item. Backpack Beds are distributed via outreach workers, crisis accommodation (when full), street doctors and other homeless services.