Backpack Beds are designed to reduce the impact on the environment while also striving to protect our users from harmful toxins.

Your safety and the environment.

Backpack Beds are tested to 47 international standards for safety and quality. All standards are independently lab tested. Backpack Beds test results show:

  • No Toxic PVC – click here to learn the danger
  • No Mercury (Hg)
  • No Arsenic (As)
  • No Cadmium (Cr)
  • No Antimony (Sb)
  • No Barium (Ba)
  • No Selenium (Se)

The list is getting long …

  • No detection of another 63 toxins.
  • Tested for Azoic Dyes for your safety

We think your safety is important – do others?

You must think safety – never assume your local authorities:

  • Will test the camping products you buy in retail stores.
  • Will worry if you or your family are harmed by these toxins.
  • Have any standards to start with.

Toxin tests and materials which do not use these toxins are expensive. So if other camping tent or swag manufacturers met these standards – they would 100% promote and tell you.